Megafauna, has swum for 16 million years

hippoI saw this Hippo not in Africa, but in the Melbourne Zoo. These enormous creatures still live, move about in the water, although a bit depressed. They have survived for more than 16 million years. And homo sapiens? Only 200,000 years. Homo and Hippo all came from Africa, perhaps they were swimming together in the same river and eating the same school of fish at one point. But Homo sapiens left Africa, with a stran
ge and mysterious purpose.

Peter Pan in the Neverland of Australia

peter panI felt that Peter Pan’s Neverland could be Australia, a culture which is hugely overlooked by the snobbish Europeans and a landscape is totally inspiring and confronting. Don’t talk about the government. This is the only thing we have in common with each ‘land’. But if you care about the nature and the wild-life landscape, study Australia. Don’t always jump on the sam
e plane to the Amazon.

Isn’t the Zoo the Only Place for a certain animal now?

zooWe all feel sad and depressed while visiting the ‘exotic’ animals in the zoo as we know they have no future in a human environment. But where can they go? it’s a matter of dying fast or dying slowly. Now the zoos have different names – they are called ‘Wild Life Preservation Center’. No cynical feelings, only a sincere attempt from a few good-hearted organizations and true animal lovers.

Strangers on the Sea

strangersAn etching in Melbourne Museum, depicting the ‘First People’ of Australia saw the ‘New People’ approaching to the land.
What a typical reaction in human history but only with an opposite effect now – look at what’s going on with the current Australian government dealing with those immigrants on the boat.