G’day from Footscray City College, Australia

Image: Footscray City College - oh so cool (so says Tony Birch)

Footscray City College – oh so cool (so says Tony Birch)

G’day from Footscray City College, Australia!

Footscray City College is a state school in the inner west of Melbourne, Australia. We have 46 different nationalities at the school, and almost 1,000 students. We overlook one of Melbourne’s great waterways, the mighty Maribyrnong River. We are an excited bunch of 14 and 15 year old kids with some great, committed teachers. We are exploring the city of Melbourne as well as the natural landscape that surrounds the city.

Here’s a film we made on our first day with Weather Stations

Our group are working with Tony Birch and the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas to improve our own writing and knowledge about climate change. Tony has written multiple fiction books including Shadowboxing and Blood. The Wheeler Centre is an organisation that organises talks and events for the public about lots of topics including writing, climate change and more.

Our goal is to get people talking about climate change and how it might impact on us in our own suburbs, streets and homes. We want people around the world to know that we’re thinking and uniting around the issue. Not only do we want people to think about climate change, we want to provoke them to action.

We look forward to sharing our work with all of the other Substations in Berlin this September!

– Students of Footscray City College Substation

Remembering My Mountain Climbing


At the age of 11 years old I experienced a high mountain climbing with my friends. The mountain was high but the climate supported us. It was nice and sunny with very less cool breeze just passing by us. The sun just made us very thirsty as the temperature of the place was 31 degrees minimum and 38 degrees maximum. The coach chose this mountain and this climate with the season is because in winter we can’t climb in that much cold and not even in the monsoon season when it is wet so we had mountain climbing in summer which almost had made as dehydrated.


Urja – / Footscray City College Substation


Almost every Summer since I can remember, my family and I would travel down to Mornington Peninsula, but specifically Dromana. Whether or not we were with company, the day was always a blast. One particular warm Summer’s day, we arrived later than usual at around 5:00pm. It was still sunny outside because of daylight savings which made it even better. My sister and I jumped out of the car and raced to the shore. We dumped our stuff on the sand and grabbed our snorkels. The water was crystal clear and we saw loads of fish. After about an hour of snorkelling we decided to play in the sand. After 2 hours at the beach we were starving and we gobbled down our fish and chips. By that time it was getting dark and we jumped in the car for the long ride home. I fell asleep in the car and the rest was history.


– Gabriel / Footscray City College Substation

The Theatre


The theatre whether it be at school, at my dads work or any professional theatres I always feel at home and comfortable, the theatre is close to me because I enjoy performing/acting. I always feel a chill of excitement and nervousness when i enter any theatre and the smell of make up and sweat fills my nose even though i can’t actually smell it, I guess you could call it a smell memory if you can remember places you’ve seen why not things you’ve smelt? When the downbeat to an overture begins or the silent opening of a play the pre show jitters will fill my body even if I’m performing or not. The Theatre is a dear place to me it is one of the few places I can experiment with new things and be myself without the theatre I’d be lost.


– Darcy / Footscray City College Substation


The Garden

The Garden

I dip my hands in the water of the fountain. It’s cold compared to the summer heat. The quite large fish try nibbling on my fingers. It doesn’t hurt but it tickles. The smell of blossoms smother my nose as I walk along the dirt footpath but there is also the slight smell of chicken poo. It’s almost silent but there’s the distant sound of people talking and laughing. The beautiful colours of the blossom trees spread from side to side of my vision but there’s also the dirt road and the violent colour of the green grass.

– Grace / Footscray City College Substation

Snapshot of a place that is important to me


As you can already tell, this is a picture of an adventure park. This is important to me because each year myself, my family and my friends all go to the adventure park in the long time holidays. I chose this picture because I can recall the moment when I was on one of these things when I was little. Not only is the adventure park a time to have fun but it is a time to get together with my friends. Normally their families are always busy and when at times where they do come to my house they don’t stay for very long. However when we are at the adventure park we can spend time together and have fun for a very long time.

– Ahad / Footscray City College Substation


Simple things

When I was 13 years old, I used to come the place where i love most. This is my old school in Vietnam. My old school is really the worst. Classroom was dirty. The floor always made lots of noise like it’s breaking. It’s terrible. But i still love it.  I had memories about friend, life’s lesson when i stayed at there. Also met the person who i love. Everyday,I stand at balcony with my friend and talk too much about teacher, game and other thing. We got many nickname for someone who we like or hate. Nobody can stop us talk in classroom. We tell everyone the story never have ending. This is really noise but still comfortable. The place we can be together. The place i can be myself. I feel so sad when i left there. But now, it’s just memory. The time i never forget.

– Tien / Footscray City College Substation


River view

My feet thud against the wooden planks as I cross the bridge, a slight breeze stirring wisps of my hair and blowing them into my face. Pausing at the centre, I grip the red handrail and gaze at the landscape before me, taking in the details. Ahead lies the river, its shimmering surface alight with the blazing rays of the sun. Grey rocks tinted with the deep green of algae line the water on both sides, separating the land from the water. Lush green grass ripples in the wind, darkened by the shadows of the enormous trees that tower above the ground.

Sparrows, magpies, galahs and rainbow lorikeets dart in and out of the vegetation, disturbing the quiet with a ruckus chorus of birdsong. In the distance a dog barks, followed by a squeal of childish laughter floating on the breeze. Suddenly I hear my name being called, telling me that it’s time to go. Slowly, I turn away and begin making my way across the rest of the bridge, thinking about the river. The river I have grown up on. The river that I have always lived on. The river that is so full of life … I can only hope it stays that way.

– Eliza / Footscray City College Substation

Salad from the bottom of the hill


Today we went down the to the bottom of the hill to learn about foraging instead of buying store bought foods. We gathered some specific items and went back up to the sustainability centre to make a salad. Although quite spicy it was delicious and inspired me to try making it at home.

Afterwards we learned about Patrick’s trip around Australia where they only ate food that they foraged. It was very interesting and sounded quite fun.

– Devlin / Footscray City College Substation