I’m not sure when I first noticed that the tree was dead. I wasn’t even sure what kind of tree it was – a poplar or maybe a birch. Before this, my main concern about it had been that it was close to the garage, which stands separate from the … Read more


Die Überschwemmung von Passau, da sie unabwendbar ist, was bringt sie auf dem Weltklimagipfel, was trägt sie ein? Schneller als die Alpen- gletscher schmelzen, werden Dürren in Australien, kalifornische Buschbrände, Bangladeshs Überflutungen und der Untergang des Inselreiches Tuvalu verschachert und zu Profitmasse. Klimawandel, Klimahandel. Ein grüner Himmel steht über Lima … Read more

The Future of the World’s Climate vs. YOLO

„The international community has set itself the goal of preventing a 2 degrees Celsius increase in the average temperature compared to the pre-industrial era” – We read in report from the climate summit in Lima, Peru. „Not a single country has done enough to prevent dangerous climate change, which by … Read more

Bishop Blows Hot Air

An unfortunate but accurate summary of Australian Foreign minister, Julie Bishop, and her performance in Lima. We may yet win the title of the dumbest government in the world. A ‘first world’ country with a ‘fifth world’ mentality.



The world has gone to Lima, apparently with the view of saving the planet. Signals are being beamed to us in microsecond wires of communication. We Are Here To Act. Not really, of course. Lima is an exercise in semantics, spin and a photo opportunity that will certainly eventuate after frantic discussions. The tone … Read more