April 1 around the world – as experienced by students from the Romain-Rolland-Gymnasium

BERLIN, GERMANY I woke up because of the sunlight shining through my curtains and some birds chirping outside, which is not really delightful for me as a late riser that usually gets up at 10 a.m. Only a few hours later the nice spring weather has changed and the blue … Read more

Postcards from the Baltic Sea

The Palace of Culture Before heading towards the Baltic Sea, I have to stop in Warsaw and stay in one of those over heated small hotel rooms which stink of smoke. Well, each time I visit Poland, I get a mixed sense of desolation and nostalgia. Even though this time … Read more

The Things On My Skin

For younger kids, or primary school teachers, here’s a little poem about Earth and the daft life that lives on it.   AAAGH! These things on my skin! These things on my skin! I’m all that they’ve got, I’m the world they live in.   Flowing waves, blowing winds, Move … Read more

Thoughts from inspiring quotes.

Martin Luther King JR:’Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’. (“Lets be aware of climate change because its real!”) Albert Einstein: ‘Anything seems impossible until it is overcome’. (“How do we know that we can’t prevent global warming if we have not tried … Read more

The Fig Tree

By Mirko Bonne December 1, 2014   Summer’s rubbish everywhere, plastic splendor on every slope. Tossed away, trodden flat, left lying, forgotten – the packaging of what once was, and is never to return, bottles of all colors, rust-corroded tins, a faded bag, a torn suitcase. Cars abandoned years ago … Read more

The Tern

Photo: The Tern

For more than a year now my elderly neighbour, Jack, has been sorting through his life and getting rid of some of his stuff. While we’re not family, and have known each other for just a couple of years, a lot of what he has no more use for has … Read more