‘We Are Still Here': remorse, the national psyche and country

[map 22 - Hanging Rock, Victoria, Australia]

In recent times I have been fortunate to have experienced the friendship and wisdom of other Aboriginal people working for the recognition of our culture and history, in concert with environmental protection for both Aboriginal people and the wider community. In a recent conversation with my good friend, Bruce Pascoe, … Read more

G’day from Footscray City College, Australia

Footscray City College - oh so cool [so says Tony Birch]

G’day from Footscray City College, Australia! Footscray City College is a state school in the inner west of Melbourne, Australia. We have 46 different nationalities at the school, and almost 1,000 students. We overlook one of Melbourne’s great waterways, the mighty Maribyrnong River. We are an excited bunch of 14 … Read more

Smell and taste

Those roses smelled liked the other roses. The salad tasted like spicy jalapeno. Those flowers smelled like roses. The cake tasted like a chocolate. The chicken tender breadcrumb tasted like breadcrumb with chicken. The air smelled like fresh. The grilled meats taste like barbecued lambs. The baby cos lettuce tasted … Read more

We just acted as if it didn’t exist

We never realised how important it was… We just acted as if it didn’t exist… My mum says she remembers when worrying about a natural disaster would be at the back of her mind. That how it was almost impossible for one to effect her even in the slightest because of … Read more

Weather Stations: The Current Climate

Few contemporary issues present us with so much information, speculation and polarity of opinion as climate change. While many in the scientific community argue that the planet is headed for environmental disaster, equally determined sceptics dismiss such concerns. Elected officials and the media have taken sides and fiercely defend their often contradictory positions.

As part of the Weather Stations initiative, the Wheeler Centre presented a conversation that provided you, the audience, a chance to ask experts in the field what’s really going on. All five of the Weather Stations writers in residence from around the globe, including our own Tony Birch, were amongst a participatory audience.

Guests on the panel included Amanda McKenzie, CEO of the Climate Council, the independent body that was crowdfunded after the Climate Commission’s government funding was withdrawn; Environment Defenders Office CEO Brendan Sydes; and David Karoly, a Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Melbourne.