Probably the Last Chance for a Greater Sense of Togetherness. A Self-Interview

Mirko Bonné Directing this question at the mirror, even if just the mirror of language, I work out that it’s been more than fifteen months now that you’ve been one of the five authors working on the Weather Stations project. Has the way you see the world changed after having … Read more

Skóra: It’s better to get tall wellington boots

Jaś Kapela: During workshops with young people from Hel we were trying to imagine what their life might look like in 50 years time. One of the groups presented a following scenario: Hel is an island. Food is brought over by boats. There is no work. All fish has died. … Read more

Global warming of the hearts

    Characters: Leonardo DiCaprio – actor and activist, kind of God Andrzej – Polish language teacher, kind of a loser Bożena – biology teacher, kind of a hag Crazy Disposable Bag King – Fool for Christ, Nietzsche’s last man     SCENE 1 Andrzej and Bożena watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s … Read more

Substations in Berlin for Literature Festival say hello to Australia!

Substations groups from Berlin, Dublin, London and Hel in Poland are preparing to share a sample of work they’ve created as part of the Weather Stations Project for a closing event in the International Literature Festival in Berlin. On the first day, the groups created a world map and reflected … Read more

Reflections of an Environmental Refugee

c Xianyi Shen

Most of my days in my twenties were spent alone writing in a rented one bedroom apartment on 15th floor in Beijing’s Wudaokou District. Fast and furious, I wrote on a first generation PC which only had one function – Chinese typing software for Word. This workaholic life continued until … Read more