Trust and our children

Looking for Bunjil - outside my front gate

Bunjil’s Shelter is the most significant Aboriginal rock-art site in south-eastern Australia. It is also one of the oldest shelters, at around 6,000 years. Tourists visit the site each year to photograph the art work. Many leave without knowing the important story that the art work represents. It is a … Read more

Remembering Steven – walk number two

Image: Kew Billabong

I set out with the intention to begin my walk at the Kew Billabong (more on that later). I studied the transport maps and worked out I needed to catch the number 48 tram to Balwyn and get off at stop number 33. I’ve been feeling lightheaded and pleasantly spacey. … Read more

The Irish Don’t Wear Anoraks

He walked into the lobby of the Dublin hotel like it was a saloon in the Wild West. His eyes, the grey of an Irish sky, swept the room. There were nearly a dozen people in the large, sculpted concrete lobby, but his gaze immediately settled on a woman with short … Read more

Australia 6 – Wicked World

Visiting zoos has always made me feel quite depressed, but my visit to Zoos Victoria was extremely sad. The very fact of keeping animals in cages so that people could watch them seems to be rather depressing, but to this adds also another fact: if those animals weren’t kept in … Read more