Skóra: It’s better to get tall wellington boots

Jaś Kapela: During workshops with young people from Hel we were trying to imagine what their life might look like in 50 years time. One of the groups presented a following scenario: Hel is an island. Food is brought over by boats. There is no work. All fish has died. … Read more

Global warming of the hearts

    Characters: Leonardo DiCaprio – actor and activist, kind of God Andrzej – Polish language teacher, kind of a loser Bożena – biology teacher, kind of a hag Crazy Disposable Bag King – Fool for Christ, Nietzsche’s last man     SCENE 1 Andrzej and Bożena watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s … Read more

Substations in Berlin for Literature Festival say hello to Australia!

Substations groups from Berlin, Dublin, London and Hel in Poland are preparing to share a sample of work they’ve created as part of the Weather Stations Project for a closing event in the International Literature Festival in Berlin. On the first day, the groups created a world map and reflected … Read more

Reflections of an Environmental Refugee

c Xianyi Shen

Most of my days in my twenties were spent alone writing in a rented one bedroom apartment on 15th floor in Beijing’s Wudaokou District. Fast and furious, I wrote on a first generation PC which only had one function – Chinese typing software for Word. This workaholic life continued until … Read more

The Lies in the Air

The two detectives stood over the autopsy table, regarding the remains. The dead man had been Caucasian, middle-aged, overweight and balding. The body had a flattened, burst look, the flesh of the torso split in a number of areas. The intestines had already been removed, most of them having to … Read more

An Irish tribute to Aboriginal country – Chris Flynn

Wilson’s Promontory – Chris Flynn Every March I go camping, hiking and swimming on Wilson’s Prom, a national park peninsula four hours from Melbourne. The Gunaikurnai and Bunorong people call this beautiful place Yiruk and Warnoon, respectively. As an old Edgar Rice Burroughs fan, I just love the name Warnoon, as … Read more