The Sound of the Climate March – 1/3

Apple Store

We are in Central Park, New York, on the 21st of September 2014. Throughout the morning, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in the west gate, ready to march through Manhattan. It will surely be, to date, the biggest Climate March against global warming, the result of industrial development without ecological concern.

Yet only 100 metres away from Central Park, in front of the Manhattan Apple Store, one of the biggest Apple stores in the world, there is also a swarming crowd. Ha! Same time, same place, but with the opposite intentions. The crowds in front of the Apple Store are mostly Chinese looking. They seem to be weary and nervous, as if they have been queuing there since last night. Well, they are buying the newest iPhone model, which has just been released by the Apple Store this month! This crowd is certainly not aware of the crowd in front of Central Park. What are we fighting for? I suddenly hear John Lennon’s song ringing in my ears. ‘As soon as your born they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all. Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all. Working Class Hero is something to be.’

Yes, what are we fighting for? Are we the working class heroes that must have material equality first – even despite ecological disaster?

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