The Sound of the Climate March – 3/3

climate march3Last week in New York City, the U.N. led the Global Warming Summit, which has become a rather big topic around the world.  Leaders from 125 nations were be represented. It was the first time in five years that world leaders have gathered to discuss climate change. The U.N. summit aims to get world leaders to pledge emission cuts that could become part of a global agreement to be approved at the U.N. climate talks next year in Paris. We should all watch out for that.

Just before I came to New York, I attended the Climate Change debate in Berlin during the Berlin Literature Festival. Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the director of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research made a very elegant presentation with our writers on the stage. Professor Schellnhuber presented us a detailed chart of Global Temperature that showed the rise and fall of temperature over the last 20,000 years of the climate on our planet. It is clear from reading the chart that the hottest moment in such a long history is the last 200 years. And the steepest rise in temperature is here too. What does the future hold for humanity, we ask ourselves? It feels like ‘future’ is beyond our imagination. Professor Schellnhuber has been working in this Potsdam Institute for decades, which is the same place where Albert Einstein worked. I think it is really fitting that he quoted Einstein’s words in his wonderful speech:

‘Only two things are infinite,

the universe and human stupidity,

and I’m not sure about the former. ’

Albert Einstein

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