A memory by Bella Amodeo


For me the sea used to be a beautiful place with a pleasant atmosphere but now as things change, the sea also changes in to a dangerous weapon that takes lives rather than regenerates them…


                                                        As I walked closer to my new discovery                   imagesCAZTWVAZ  

I could hear the light blue waves

washing up on to the hot golden sand.

As I approached the waves I could feel

the scorching earth grow colder and colder

until I stopped and waited for the transparent water to tickle my toes.

The blazing sun beamed down on my back

turning me red like a lobster.

The delicate ocean touched me gently

giving me goosebumps all over my skin

As the waves retreated they drew me in.

I followed their lead and threw myself in to that deeper world,

My body moving quickly in shock from this new sensation.

I let this feeling wash over me so I could explore this new

magical place that I now found myself in.


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  1. Substation RoRo - Gina

    I really like your poem.
    For me the sea is a very special place as well and I know the feeling you described.
    Sometimes it makes me feel sad to see those changes.

  2. Substation RoRo - Leonie & Jördis

    We really like your poem, because it has a deeper meaning to it and we think it is sad to see the changes the ocean has to go through.

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