There is no more hope…by Mo Konteh

The unforgiving clouds release no rain

Skin is as dry as the ground we walk

Cracks appear and cannot be covered

Like a fish out of water, it is hard to cope.

A droplet would create peace of mind,

Pods of replenishing goodness is a thing of yesterday.

There is no more hope.

Never did I expect to admit this.

Is this a sign of weakness…

Enough warnings were given.

Water is gone and we are to blame.

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  1. Substation RoRo - Silke

    Hi Mo,
    your poem describes the situation quite accurately. Although I think the water will rather be polluted at some point in the future, than gone, I get the point. What I really like about your poem is the fact that you didn’t stick to conventional rhyme patterns.
    Greetings from Berlin, Silke

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