There is never enough water … by Rita Paz

The earth is in a cry for help.

Our skin burns like never before

as cracks cannot be filled in, as if the earth’s crust

was like glass.

As we take a wrong step we break our surface.

Pods cannot grow in such darkness.

We act as if there is no right or wrong on our planet.

But is there a solution to the decay of earth?

Are we saving ourselves or are we never learning the lesson, until


until it is too late.

Are we as intelligent as we think we are?

Is our brain big enough to understand that without a planet, we cannot study the planet!

So should we keep searching for WATER in the Universe or SAVE the ONE that we HAVE?


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  1. Substation Ro-Ro Hendrik

    I really liked the poem. It perfectly shows the given set of problems. Those who can’t have a big influence on the problems think about saving water and not searching for water somwhere else in the universe. Those who could do something, don’t help and continue wasting water. They should THINK about it. Great poem!

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