exegi monumentum

I’ve erected a monument
more durable than brass
only today
of a plastic bottle
a yoghurt pot
a beer can
some chewing gum
three plastic bags
after I finish eating and drinking
they will take 450 years to disintegrate
there is also some other packaging
that I don’t know
how long it will take to decompose
but definitely longer than I will
I’m not talking about recycled paper
that won’t outlive me
even if I was to write a poem
on every single
paper bag
bags are one thing
carbon dioxide is another
10 tonnes of black gold
currently in a gas state
hovers over my head
and I’m glad that it hovers
as I wouldn’t know where to store it
10 tonnes just this year
and not less in the previous years
300 tonnes by the age of 30
and I’m not planning to die just yet
(even though there are people who plan it for me at times)
several nice trucks
a little suburban house
made of carbon dioxide, waste and smoke
and all of it is mine
mine mine mine
my precious
just imagine that I’m saying it like Gollum
we even look alike
I’ve erected a monument more durable than brass
and so did you
to each his own Mordor
and to some a bit of other’s as well

translated by Anna Hyde

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