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The northern end of Princes Park has a shallow pond adjacent a lawn bowls club. The pond has two fountains and sculptures of ducks affixed to its concrete floor. The surrounding lawn slopes down to the pond’s edge and is ringed with eucalypts. I often sit there on my way home from work as I like the sun, even on days of extreme heat. However the last drought saw the fountains turned off and the pond drained; the grass browned off and the ground hardened like rock underfoot. When I sit there now I wonder how long it will last.

Robbie Egan – (Robbie is the manager of Readings Books in Carlton, Victoria.  He lives in Brunswick with his family)

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  1. Fortunately this won’t happen again as the City of Melbourme has built huge underground storm water catchment tanks in Princes Park. The sculpture of girl and ducks is tinged with sadness as it was commissioned by a mother who tragically lost her child. But it brings joy to passers by and place for the girl’s mother to lament her loss.

  2. Interesting Jeffrey, didn’t know that. It is a lovely spot to unwind and I’m glad I have some history to it, thank you.

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