The Glass of Water

szklankathey say that some
upon seeing the same glass of water
see it as half full
while others as half empty
but I know
that regardless of it
being half full or half empty
you can drown in it
or drown somebody
because there are also people
ready to kill for this water
and others
for whom a glass of clean water
will remain an image seen in a film on TV
in which they will never play a part
as these were cast long time ago
and roles didn’t go to the poor, hungry and thirsty
there are also others
who will pour this glass down the drain
not even thinking about the fact
that it might save somebody’s life
I am sometimes one of those people
so give me some water
before I die of thirst
somebody might indeed die
but instead of me
it will rather be them

Translated by Anna Hyde

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