Simple things

When I was 13 years old, I used to come the place where i love most. This is my old school in Vietnam. My old school is really the worst. Classroom was dirty. The floor always made lots of noise like it’s breaking. It’s terrible. But i still love it.  I had memories about friend, life’s lesson when i stayed at there. Also met the person who i love. Everyday,I stand at balcony with my friend and talk too much about teacher, game and other thing. We got many nickname for someone who we like or hate. Nobody can stop us talk in classroom. We tell everyone the story never have ending. This is really noise but still comfortable. The place we can be together. The place i can be myself. I feel so sad when i left there. But now, it’s just memory. The time i never forget.

– Tien / Footscray City College Substation


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