Out There

[map 4 - Out There - 'Mantra on Kent', Sydney, Australia]

[map 4 – Out There – ‘Mantra on Kent’, Sydney, Australia]

Out There

The planet, as we know it,

brother, there is absolutely

no doubt about it – Australia –

this country, as we know it,

out there, we’re:


flowing and salting

distributing, phenologising

and vanishing

out there


ten times faster

ten times two

by two by two

moving to the edge

the edge


Wish-list for saving the planet

a small little story

is a magpie story

the space between

fact and feeling is

a time-bomb

the reef is a canary in

a Whitehaven coal mine

2 degrees will

end the coral and

the sixth extinction

will finish us all

if you can spell

The Age of Man

tell me then:

what is the worth of

the sound of a bird

when the bird

no longer exists?


Tony Birch


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