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Free Word (London)



Free Word is an international centre for literature, literacy and free expression that celebrates and explores the power of words to change lives. Through our artistic programmes and public events we promote and protect the written and spoken word and provide a space for collaboration, exploration and dissent.


We have three main areas of activity:

  • Our building is a vital meeting place and hub for literature, literacy and free expression organisations. We have six Resident organisations and over 30 Associates;
  • With our Residents, Associates and other partners we present a year round programme of public events – debates, films, conferences and exhibitions – exploring politics, cultural and ideas
  • Working with local, national and international partners we have developed three major programmes of work around translation – The Power of Translation; the environment – Living Dangerously: Stories of Climate Change; and Democracy –  Speaking Freely.


internationales literaturfestival berlin


The Berlin International Literature Festival (ilb) takes place annually in early autumn. Its purpose is to present contemporary developments in prose and poetry from all around the world and to let its audience experience literary diversity in the age of globalisation. Fascinating new discoveries stand up alongside recognised masters of world literature, the new emerges, and interconnections become visible when, in 180 events over 11 days, 150 authors provide glimpses into new and traditional streams in world literature. Prose, poetry, conversations with authors and political discussions, children’s and youth literature, film adaptations of literature – the ilb is a vital, polyglot forum, staged by and for literary enthusiasts.

Krytyka Polityczna (Warsaw)


Political Critique was set up to reinvigorate the Polish tradition of the engaged intelligentsia. We are active in three main fields: education, culture and politics. We believe they differ only in their areas of concern, but are connected by the influence and impact they have on how the society is shaped. Our main aim is to combat economic and cultural exclusion; to increase civic participation in public life and popular social awareness in public sphere; to work out diagnoses and solutions of the current breakdown in social bonds and social imagination. In just a few years, we have created Poland’s biggest socio-political platform and expanded our activities abroad. We are active both in academic sphere and mainstream media. We run cultural centers (Warsaw, Cieszyn, Gdansk, Łódź), network of more than 20 local activist groups in Poland, Political Critique Publishing House, online Opinion Daily website, Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw conducting academic research and didactic activity.

Tallaght Community Arts (Dublin)


Tallaght Community Arts is an arts development organisation working with local communities, schools and youth groups since 1996. Tallaght Community Arts creates work in the heart of communities; in schools, community gardens, football stadiums and individual people’s homes – as well as in designated arts spaces. Our work focuses on participatory arts, encouraging and supporting people of all ages to be involved in the making of art. We put people at the centre of a cultural process.
Placing participation at the heart of our work enables us to actively explore ideas of who can be involved in the making of art. This is a two way process. We bring people together to explore their creativity: writers, teachers, visual artists, directors, choreographers, sound and broadcast artists, policy-makers, elders, school children and young people.
We commission new works and seed projects across South Dublin County opening up the transforming potential of the arts to a wide group of participants and audiences. Participants have found that working with leading national and international artists has given them new skills and expanded horizons. Artists have in turn enhanced their own work.

The Wheeler Centre (Melbourne)

CBWIbuilding_Size8The Wheeler Centre was created in 2010 when Melbourne was officially designated a UNESCO City of Literature, recognising the city’s international leadership in books, writing and ideas. In just five years, the Wheeler Centre has established itself as one of Australia’s leading arts organisations, dedicated to making public conversation an art form. The Wheeler Centre passionately believes in the power of ideas and conversation and we have created a hub for the literary and ideas activity that defines this city.

Each year, we design and produce a rich programme of 220 lectures, events and discussions on literature, arts, identity and public affairs each year to over 40,000 audience members. Accessibility is a guiding principle and we strive to ensure that over eighty per cent of our programme is free and the remaining are low cost. We support our writers of today and tomorrow through the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, Children’s Book Festival and the provision of residencies and fellowships. Our digital publishing arm consists of original video and audio of our programme and daily articles, enable us to reach regional, national and international audiences.

As a cultural institution, we are dedicated to being the cornerstone of Australia’s literary activity, to contribute to a deeper thinking society and to build a community around the sharing of ideas and conversations.


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