The Garden

The Garden

I dip my hands in the water of the fountain. It’s cold compared to the summer heat. The quite large fish try nibbling on my fingers. It doesn’t hurt but it tickles. The smell of blossoms smother my nose as I walk along the dirt footpath but there is also the slight smell of chicken poo. It’s almost silent but there’s the distant sound of people talking and laughing. The beautiful colours of the blossom trees spread from side to side of my vision but there’s also the dirt road and the violent colour of the green grass.

– Grace / Footscray City College Substation

Snapshot of a place that is important to me


As you can already tell, this is a picture of an adventure park. This is important to me because each year myself, my family and my friends all go to the adventure park in the long time holidays. I chose this picture because I can recall the moment when I was on one of these things when I was little. Not only is the adventure park a time to have fun but it is a time to get together with my friends. Normally their families are always busy and when at times where they do come to my house they don’t stay for very long. However when we are at the adventure park we can spend time together and have fun for a very long time.

– Ahad / Footscray City College Substation


Simple things

When I was 13 years old, I used to come the place where i love most. This is my old school in Vietnam. My old school is really the worst. Classroom was dirty. The floor always made lots of noise like it’s breaking. It’s terrible. But i still love it.  I had memories about friend, life’s lesson when i stayed at there. Also met the person who i love. Everyday,I stand at balcony with my friend and talk too much about teacher, game and other thing. We got many nickname for someone who we like or hate. Nobody can stop us talk in classroom. We tell everyone the story never have ending. This is really noise but still comfortable. The place we can be together. The place i can be myself. I feel so sad when i left there. But now, it’s just memory. The time i never forget.

– Tien / Footscray City College Substation


River view

My feet thud against the wooden planks as I cross the bridge, a slight breeze stirring wisps of my hair and blowing them into my face. Pausing at the centre, I grip the red handrail and gaze at the landscape before me, taking in the details. Ahead lies the river, its shimmering surface alight with the blazing rays of the sun. Grey rocks tinted with the deep green of algae line the water on both sides, separating the land from the water. Lush green grass ripples in the wind, darkened by the shadows of the enormous trees that tower above the ground.

Sparrows, magpies, galahs and rainbow lorikeets dart in and out of the vegetation, disturbing the quiet with a ruckus chorus of birdsong. In the distance a dog barks, followed by a squeal of childish laughter floating on the breeze. Suddenly I hear my name being called, telling me that it’s time to go. Slowly, I turn away and begin making my way across the rest of the bridge, thinking about the river. The river I have grown up on. The river that I have always lived on. The river that is so full of life … I can only hope it stays that way.

– Eliza / Footscray City College Substation

Salad from the bottom of the hill


Today we went down the to the bottom of the hill to learn about foraging instead of buying store bought foods. We gathered some specific items and went back up to the sustainability centre to make a salad. Although quite spicy it was delicious and inspired me to try making it at home.

Afterwards we learned about Patrick’s trip around Australia where they only ate food that they foraged. It was very interesting and sounded quite fun.

– Devlin / Footscray City College Substation

My Place: Williamstown Beach

Summer. Grey clouds line the horizon as you bath in the suns warmth. The cries, screams and laughter of young children, as they play in the sand and wade in the shallow water. Dogs happily frolic around in the cold, salty water. The warmth from above, kissing your skin as you seek refuge in the icy, blue depths, relaxing and cooling you. The cries of seagulls ring in the air as they try to find someone they can wrestle a chip from when they aren’t looking. The rough, tan coloured sand between your toes. The hot concrete scalds the balls of your bare feet as you hop from one foot to the other in desperation to the sea. The salty smell of the water stings your nose. This is my place. My place is Williamstown beach. i wish it will stay this way.  I would miss this if climate change takes it.


– Makita / Footscray City College Substation

Food foraging

Whilst blindly walking through Footscray we were stopped and Patrick illuminated edible plants lying poisoned next to us, where once they breathed and twirled around each other. After scavenging for a small variety of the many edible plants available in our unique land they were mixed together into a salad. The divine smell of the natural essence that the herbs and leaves produced had me drawn in like fish to bait, although the flavour was overwhelming the vibrant taste and lively crunch was enlightening. Disgracefully this fresh food is emaciated and intoxicated by our litter, our pollution and our poisons. No longer can we treat what was here before us like this, we can’t disregard what mother nature provides us, we must respect our earth.

– Luca / Footscray City College Substation


Great arching roofs
The windows cracked and split
A thousands shades of light
Shining onto rows of wooden seats
Beautiful in their conformity

Everyone is the same here
You step through the door
And nothing matters anymore
We all have the same purpose

I don’t believe in a God
Or a life after death
But the candles
-One hundred wishes
Melted into one-
Make you wonder

The echoing silence
Fills every corner with calm
Thousands of prayers
Floating in the quiet air
Some want to save
And some need saving
Bu they all end up here

I don’t believe in a God
Or a life after death
But I believe in an idea
That unites the world


– Maxine / Footscray City College Substation

London Graffiti by Sophie Crook

There is a piece of Banksy graffiti that simply has the statement “I don’t believe in global warming” written on the side of a wall against a London canal. The statement is half submerged by the water itself. IAMS student Sophie Crook came across a photo of it and wrote the following about the image.

London Graffiti

This photo says a lot. A lot about what we as humans are and what we are choosing to believe in the world. To use a word as ‘believe’ says much about how we are too stubborn to admit what we have caused. The problem is not the fact that we have made this mess. The problem is the fact that we are blind to our own mistakes and unable to make considerable changes. We have caused a problem and now it is time to pick up the pieces. All we’re doing is discussing it. Blatantly, the words are right on the wall, sea levels are rising and so is the temperature. A contaminated, toxic sheet has been draped over our eyes since 1901 (this was when climate change was first discovered). We are able to see the problem started in our hands, we are able to spray ‘I don’t believe’ on a wall, but unable to use our hands to do anything. We have closed our eyes, let C02 and the ocean take its toll. There is a difference between truth and belief. You may not believe in global warming, but the facts will one day drown you out. You will be unseen, just like this opinion, on a wall in London.






Climate poetry slam


Global warming, it calls for a warning,
The ice is melting, the planet’s drowning.
We burn up tonnes of coal, gallons of oil too,
You love airplanes, they’re guzzlers, it’s sad but true.

Global warming, it’s time for a warning,
Earth’s surface’s burning, it’s alarming.
Water reserves drying up –
Let’s drink water from the tap.

Could good old cooperation
Save us from deterioration?
A filter for your chimney, that’s right!
Fight to spread it nationwide.

Start recycle and repair,
That’s our way out of despair.


Global warming, it calls for a warning,
The ice is melting, the planet’s drowning.
We burn up tonnes of coal, gallons of oil too,
You love airplanes, they’re guzzlers, it’s sad but true.

Carbon dioxide’s the villain,
That’s who stands behind this killing:
Storms and draughts and floods and tides,
Creatures cannot live their lives.

Let’s plant green plants, shut down your greed-plants,
Trees are the best filters, now give them a chance.

Flooded by plastic and cows’ greenhouse gas
We soon may forget the looks of the grass.


Global warming, it calls for warning,
The ice is melting, the planet’s drowning.
We burn up tonnes of coal, gallons of oil too,
You love airplanes, they’re guzzlers, it’s sad but true.

Don’t eat hamburgers in bed,
Better take a walk instead.
Are you brave enough to smoke?
What if those around you choke?
Our atmosphere’s our common good
Don’t see it yet? Well, you should.

The ozone hole, up there, is a real evil badass,
It’s mean as methane, the cow-produced bad gas.
Methane makes the Earth keep heat,
We’ll all end up as sizzling meat.
Save the planet’s water now,
Ask not why, start thinking how.

Translated by Mikołaj Denderski